Red clover – a true fanatic


Because of its high estrogen content in plants, red clover is especially popular in women because it relieves menstrual problems and symptoms of menopause. But did you know that red clover has many other benefits that Tevida benefit women and men? Thus, the red clover shows the effect of cellular protection, anti-inflammatory and purification of the blood. It improves blood flow, reduces cholesterol, prevents bone loss in old age and also protects against prostate disease.


Red clover improves the quality of the soil.

Red clover, also known as alfalfa clover, is one of the legumes and belongs to the butterfly plant family. Red clover prefers soft soils rich in minerals, but also feeds on sandy soils and peat. However, avoid acid soil or poor drainage.


Red clover has the ability to bind nitrogen from the air, thus enriching the Tevida CANADA soil with these important nutrients for plants. This increases the quality of red clover soil in general and its fertility in particular.


Red clover is very popular as power kernels.

Red clover is a very common plant, rich in proteins for livestock, but also bees and butterflies love it.


The red clover flowers are vaccinated with long, narrow tubes, mainly by bee species, which can reach low nectar due to the length of its trunk.


The stem of the bees is very short, so it can not collect pollen.


But now we come to the benefits of red clover in terms of human health.








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