Onion juice against gray hair.

Onion juice against gray hair.

Onion juice was once a natural therapy recommendation when someone wanted to turn their gray hair into a natural hair color. Several years ago, researchers announced that they had discovered a substance that should help fight vitiligo, a disease called white spots on the skin, but also against gray hair. It is interesting that the onion juice in the body can exactly promote the formation of this substance. Does onion juice help eliminate gray hair? If so, how can it be applied?

Gray hair – no thanks!
Once gray hair appears for the first time, it is not uncommon for a person to feel panic. Fortunately, there are hair dyes that briefly hide the problem, at least for two or three weeks.

Then, however, repigmentation is necessary, because gray is always remembered with every millimeter of hair growth.

Hair dye with chemical dyes for hair can become more or less a thing of the past.

Gray hair – that’s right
European scientists have recently published a report in FASEBĀ Keto Blast about the possible cause of gray hair and how it can be prevented or stopped.

In humans, the gray barley – researchers – obtains the hair follicle due to massive oxidative stress from the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide.

Some formation of hydrogen peroxide in the cells of the body is normal. However, this hydrogen peroxide is rapidly broken down by some catalysts in the healthy body.

Now, in people who have gray hair, not only can hydrogen peroxide be higher than normal, but there may also be a deficiency in those enzymes that are actually responsible for the degradation of hydrogen peroxide.

However, hydrogen peroxide obscures the natural structure of melanin (the color of the skin and hair dye) and whitens the hair in this way. It turns gray or white.

Therefore, you must “only” find a treatment that can take care of eliminating hydrogen peroxide and, of course, the side effects can be easily applied. That is exactly what the researchers think they found.

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