When it comes to supplements

When it comes to supplements, it depends on the quality and the need.
It is said that people who take at random, for example, 17 different preparations, which is risky, of course, especially for athletes, because the more drugs they take, so on radio SWR2 on 12.7.2017, the greater the risk . Contain a doping agent (see 2), as if it were the order of the day in the field of dietary supplements.

However, since there are significant differences in the type and quality of dietary supplements, 17 preparations can be a problem or very healthy. It always depends exactly on what is taken in quality and quantity.

So someone may be swallowing inferior supplements, which in some cases also contain a lot of excess additives (sweeteners, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, emulsions, acids and much more), which are not really recommended, such as . B. Some isolated proteins or tablets are surplus of multivitamins.

High doses of vitamin A, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc or even calcium, Trialix without any need, can not be described as healthy. Do not contain caffeine-rich energy capsules for Fitwerden pills or pills to lose weight in the high-quality supplement category.

For those who use Chlorella as needed (!) For example, maca, spinach powder, beetroot, probiotics, rice protein, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B compound, acerola powder, barley powder, Rhodiola, omega- 3 fatty acid, magnesium, stastantine and silicon have a very positive effect on your safety.

4. Supplements are harmful because they can have side effects.
Food supplements are – even critics often – u. Yu is also harmful because it can have serious side effects. For example, magnesium can cause diarrhea and headaches. Please guess in what cases this? Exactly, in the case of overdose.

At the usual dose of about 200 mg of magnesium repairs, it does not affect digestion and is considered in professional circles as minerals that are urgently needed for the prevention of headaches, including migraines.

However, serious side effects are often mentioned, such as the controversial red rice yeast. It is offered as a natural medicine to reduce cholesterol, but can damage muscles and kidneys, if taken, it is warned.

So these yeast red rice preparations can be these side effects, since the active ingredient is similar to conventional statins, anywhere listed. Also, it is not that red rice yeast preparations have less risk of side effects, since they are generally lower doses of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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