Electronic cigarettes are based

Electronic cigarettes are based on traditional tobacco products.
In July 2015, a research team from the American Chemical Society in the Journal of Chemical Research in Toxicology published an interesting article with the content:

“Electronic cigarettes are based solely on traditional tobacco products.”
Although electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, they do heat and evaporate the liquid (called “liquid”). It contains nicotine, flavors and other substances, sometimes even completely unknown.

Of course, the nicotine content can make a vaporizer, as well as an addictive cigarette smoker. In light of this, it does not seem surprising that getting out of addiction with the help of electronic cigarettes is hardly successful.

In addition, the addiction will continue to use, instead of weaning the nicotine body and then detoxification, as if it belonged to quitting.

Now the ships can come from the intersection that eventually there will be magnum trt synonyms without nicotine. This is true, of course, but they are not used by the users’ passion (that is, dependents). In addition, liquids without nicotine present a completely different risk.

It significantly reduces the inhibition threshold of nicotine-containing liquids or even cigarettes, and can therefore promote nicotine addiction as a primary medicine. Consequently, electronic cigarettes do not help to stop smoking, but promote and strengthen the addictive behavior.

In any case, liquids without nicotine also have a high risk of cancer, such as Dr. Meade’s study. It shows Wang Rodríguez, professor of pathology at the University of California, San Diego.

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