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Soy – The Truth

There are many articles on the Internet that suggest they are telling the truth about soy. It is not always easy to identify someone who reports with the truth. We observe the soy from all sides and verify all the arguments that correspond to the rolling soybean. Because soy is more than a controversial food. However, it has been repeatedly shown that even experts who advise against soy do not seem well informed, because, in fact, soy products are foods with valuable health properties.

All or half truth about soy?
Soybeans act as raw material for many products. The majority of soybean crops are used for soybean oil and animal feed. Only a small portion is processed into foods, such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy sauce and many more.

Therefore, soy is a versatile food, because the basic flavor is very neutral and, therefore, can be converted into the group of products with the help of spices and other ingredients or with the help of special preparation methods (for example, fermentation).

Apart from that, soy is very rich in proteins and vital substances, so it is  Overnight Lean Keto an interesting food that can promote a healthy diet in a meaningful way. Not all people agree with this opinion. On the contrary, soy and its products are fought in many places, as if they were liphagen. The truth is that soy products are very unhealthy, even explicitly toxic. That this is not even half the truth, we show in this article.

We have explained in detail the corresponding arguments of the soybean exhibitions in detail in our main article on soy. You can find them here: Soy – Healthy or Harmful. Below is a short version of those who do not enjoy reading or have time to do so.

Soybeans provide high quality proteins.
Soy is a good source of protein. In addition, the amino acids methionine and cysteine ​​are found in sufficient amounts and approximately the same percentage in cow’s milk or in meat products. In addition, soy products provide a lysine-sensitive acid, which is present in grain products a little less, so grains and soybean complement each other very well.

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