Weight gain due to

Weight gain due to an intestinal disorder

Excess weight and obesity can cause intestinal disorders. Swedish and American researchers have now shown that a certain type of bacteria in the intestines can multiply well when food is usually rich in sugar and fat.

Eat a balanced diet for a healthy intestinal plant.
If the bacterial plants in the intestine are rich in strong bacteria, this can be one of the causes of obesity, since it is preferable to consume calories from the intestines accordingly. This raises the question of whether intestinal flora can be blamed for the failure of many diets.

However, the composition of their diet is also particularly important, as it hasĀ Keto Viante a direct impact on the composition of the bacterial community. This makes it clear that not only bacteria can be responsible for excess weight, but the real cause is an incorrect diet.

A well-balanced diet rich in fiber is essential so that not only physical well-being can be achieved, but also the desired weight.

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