Researchers at the Southwestern

Researchers at the Southwestern Medical Center in UT analyzed two types of interventions: lifestyle modification (exercise) and pharmacology (medication), to discover the best ways to overcome the underlying fat in the abdomen. The study was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

“Visceral fat can affect local organs or the entire body.” The system can affect the heart and the heart, as well as the abdominal organs, “said cardiologist and cardiologist Dr. Ian J. Niland, assistant professor of internal medicine.” When studies use weight or body mass index as a As a measure, we do not know if interventions reduce fat in any part of the body or near the surface. ”

To investigate this, the researchers evaluated changes in visceral fat in 3,602 vexgen keto participants over a 6-month period measured by CT or MRI. Both exercise and medication resulted in less visceral fat, but reductions were more important for every pound of body weight lost with exercise.

“If you’re just measuring your weight or your body mass index, you can minimize the benefit of your health to lose weight,” said Dr. Neeland, a family scientist at Deedman Clinical Care. “Exercise can really melt visceral fat.”

The participants in the exercise trials were 65 percent of the women, with an average age of 54 years and a BMI in the enrollment of 31. The exercise systems were monitored, not self-reported. Most exercise trials were conducted in the United States and Canada, while drug trials included the United States, Canada, Sweden, Japan and four multinational groups.

The medications used by the participants in the study were approved by the FDA or by the FDA approval line.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity affects nearly 40 percent of American adults. Dr. Neland said that researchers had previously thought of fat as inactive actions, but as the years went by, this vision developed and fat is now considered an active member. “Some people with obesity have heart disease, diabetes or metabolic syndrome, and others do not,” said Dr. Neland. “Our study suggests that a combination of methods can help reduce visceral fat and potentially prevent these diseases.”

Weight gain due to

Weight gain due to an intestinal disorder

Excess weight and obesity can cause intestinal disorders. Swedish and American researchers have now shown that a certain type of bacteria in the intestines can multiply well when food is usually rich in sugar and fat.

Eat a balanced diet for a healthy intestinal plant.
If the bacterial plants in the intestine are rich in strong bacteria, this can be one of the causes of obesity, since it is preferable to consume calories from the intestines accordingly. This raises the question of whether intestinal flora can be blamed for the failure of many diets.

However, the composition of their diet is also particularly important, as it has Keto Viante a direct impact on the composition of the bacterial community. This makes it clear that not only bacteria can be responsible for excess weight, but the real cause is an incorrect diet.

A well-balanced diet rich in fiber is essential so that not only physical well-being can be achieved, but also the desired weight.

To show:
Teach you as an expert in integral nutrition
Is your passion a healthy diet? Do you like the base surplus, the natural diet? Do you want to understand the links between our food and our health from an integral perspective? Do you want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about your health and nutrition profession?

Spinach Papaya Juice

Spinach Papaya Juice
In the early 1990s, scientists demonstrated in a study that the mostly satanic nitrates found in spinach and other leafy green vegetables are basically very useful because they feed the mitochondria in muscle cells. Papaya does its line well and relieves gastrointestinal discomfort.

Spinach Salad With Orange Sesame

Health Center) – Sesame seeds are a very valuable source of protein because they have all the essential amino acids and, at the same time, they are particularly rich in methionine, cysteine ​​and taurine. In addition, they provide high quality fats, which consist of more than 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids.

Spinach with cherry tomato and smoked tofu.

Spinach and tomatoes: two types of vegetables that are a  Prache cream perfect combination. In terms of flavor, spinach tomatoes give a very pleasant freshness and lightness. Also in terms of color, they fit perfectly. The mixture of hot tofu and mushrooms perfectly complement the dish with the soft intensity.

Ingredients for 2 servings.
400 g of spinach leaves
2 large mushrooms – clean and flowered
250 g of smoked tofu – cut into halves and cut into cubes
150 g of fresh cherry tomatoes – wash and half
5 halves of pickled cherry tomatoes – half again
1 onion – soft dice
1 clove of garlic – soft dice
Vegetable broth 100 ml.
3 tablespoons of coconut oil
To staple
3 tablespoons of tamari (soy sauce)
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon of Schabby clover
1 teaspoon sweet paprika powder
1 teaspoon of sweet pepper powder
2 nutmeg monkeys
Salt crystal
Black pepper
The preparation time is approximately 40 minutes.

Place the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Then place the cubes of tofu with the mushroom in the bowl, mix everything well and discard it for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, put a large bowl of water and let it boil. Sprinkle spinach, place in a colander, rinse with cold water and let cool. Then he sealed a thin frame on the board.

There are many articles

Soy – The Truth

There are many articles on the Internet that suggest they are telling the truth about soy. It is not always easy to identify someone who reports with the truth. We observe the soy from all sides and verify all the arguments that correspond to the rolling soybean. Because soy is more than a controversial food. However, it has been repeatedly shown that even experts who advise against soy do not seem well informed, because, in fact, soy products are foods with valuable health properties.

All or half truth about soy?
Soybeans act as raw material for many products. The majority of soybean crops are used for soybean oil and animal feed. Only a small portion is processed into foods, such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy sauce and many more.

Therefore, soy is a versatile food, because the basic flavor is very neutral and, therefore, can be converted into the group of products with the help of spices and other ingredients or with the help of special preparation methods (for example, fermentation).

Apart from that, soy is very rich in proteins and vital substances, so it is  Overnight Lean Keto an interesting food that can promote a healthy diet in a meaningful way. Not all people agree with this opinion. On the contrary, soy and its products are fought in many places, as if they were liphagen. The truth is that soy products are very unhealthy, even explicitly toxic. That this is not even half the truth, we show in this article.

We have explained in detail the corresponding arguments of the soybean exhibitions in detail in our main article on soy. You can find them here: Soy – Healthy or Harmful. Below is a short version of those who do not enjoy reading or have time to do so.

Soybeans provide high quality proteins.
Soy is a good source of protein. In addition, the amino acids methionine and cysteine ​​are found in sufficient amounts and approximately the same percentage in cow’s milk or in meat products. In addition, soy products provide a lysine-sensitive acid, which is present in grain products a little less, so grains and soybean complement each other very well.

Electronic cigarettes are based

Electronic cigarettes are based on traditional tobacco products.
In July 2015, a research team from the American Chemical Society in the Journal of Chemical Research in Toxicology published an interesting article with the content:

“Electronic cigarettes are based solely on traditional tobacco products.”
Although electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, they do heat and evaporate the liquid (called “liquid”). It contains nicotine, flavors and other substances, sometimes even completely unknown.

Of course, the nicotine content can make a vaporizer, as well as an addictive cigarette smoker. In light of this, it does not seem surprising that getting out of addiction with the help of electronic cigarettes is hardly successful.

In addition, the addiction will continue to use, instead of weaning the nicotine body and then detoxification, as if it belonged to quitting.

Now the ships can come from the intersection that eventually there will be magnum trt synonyms without nicotine. This is true, of course, but they are not used by the users’ passion (that is, dependents). In addition, liquids without nicotine present a completely different risk.

It significantly reduces the inhibition threshold of nicotine-containing liquids or even cigarettes, and can therefore promote nicotine addiction as a primary medicine. Consequently, electronic cigarettes do not help to stop smoking, but promote and strengthen the addictive behavior.

In any case, liquids without nicotine also have a high risk of cancer, such as Dr. Meade’s study. It shows Wang Rodríguez, professor of pathology at the University of California, San Diego.

When it comes to supplements

When it comes to supplements, it depends on the quality and the need.
It is said that people who take at random, for example, 17 different preparations, which is risky, of course, especially for athletes, because the more drugs they take, so on radio SWR2 on 12.7.2017, the greater the risk . Contain a doping agent (see 2), as if it were the order of the day in the field of dietary supplements.

However, since there are significant differences in the type and quality of dietary supplements, 17 preparations can be a problem or very healthy. It always depends exactly on what is taken in quality and quantity.

So someone may be swallowing inferior supplements, which in some cases also contain a lot of excess additives (sweeteners, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, emulsions, acids and much more), which are not really recommended, such as . B. Some isolated proteins or tablets are surplus of multivitamins.

High doses of vitamin A, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc or even calcium, Trialix without any need, can not be described as healthy. Do not contain caffeine-rich energy capsules for Fitwerden pills or pills to lose weight in the high-quality supplement category.

For those who use Chlorella as needed (!) For example, maca, spinach powder, beetroot, probiotics, rice protein, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B compound, acerola powder, barley powder, Rhodiola, omega- 3 fatty acid, magnesium, stastantine and silicon have a very positive effect on your safety.

4. Supplements are harmful because they can have side effects.
Food supplements are – even critics often – u. Yu is also harmful because it can have serious side effects. For example, magnesium can cause diarrhea and headaches. Please guess in what cases this? Exactly, in the case of overdose.

At the usual dose of about 200 mg of magnesium repairs, it does not affect digestion and is considered in professional circles as minerals that are urgently needed for the prevention of headaches, including migraines.

However, serious side effects are often mentioned, such as the controversial red rice yeast. It is offered as a natural medicine to reduce cholesterol, but can damage muscles and kidneys, if taken, it is warned.

So these yeast red rice preparations can be these side effects, since the active ingredient is similar to conventional statins, anywhere listed. Also, it is not that red rice yeast preparations have less risk of side effects, since they are generally lower doses of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Onion juice against gray hair.

Onion juice against gray hair.

Onion juice was once a natural therapy recommendation when someone wanted to turn their gray hair into a natural hair color. Several years ago, researchers announced that they had discovered a substance that should help fight vitiligo, a disease called white spots on the skin, but also against gray hair. It is interesting that the onion juice in the body can exactly promote the formation of this substance. Does onion juice help eliminate gray hair? If so, how can it be applied?

Gray hair – no thanks!
Once gray hair appears for the first time, it is not uncommon for a person to feel panic. Fortunately, there are hair dyes that briefly hide the problem, at least for two or three weeks.

Then, however, repigmentation is necessary, because gray is always remembered with every millimeter of hair growth.

Hair dye with chemical dyes for hair can become more or less a thing of the past.

Gray hair – that’s right
European scientists have recently published a report in FASEB Keto Blast about the possible cause of gray hair and how it can be prevented or stopped.

In humans, the gray barley – researchers – obtains the hair follicle due to massive oxidative stress from the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide.

Some formation of hydrogen peroxide in the cells of the body is normal. However, this hydrogen peroxide is rapidly broken down by some catalysts in the healthy body.

Now, in people who have gray hair, not only can hydrogen peroxide be higher than normal, but there may also be a deficiency in those enzymes that are actually responsible for the degradation of hydrogen peroxide.

However, hydrogen peroxide obscures the natural structure of melanin (the color of the skin and hair dye) and whitens the hair in this way. It turns gray or white.

Therefore, you must “only” find a treatment that can take care of eliminating hydrogen peroxide and, of course, the side effects can be easily applied. That is exactly what the researchers think they found.

Red clover – a true fanatic


Because of its high estrogen content in plants, red clover is especially popular in women because it relieves menstrual problems and symptoms of menopause. But did you know that red clover has many other benefits that Tevida benefit women and men? Thus, the red clover shows the effect of cellular protection, anti-inflammatory and purification of the blood. It improves blood flow, reduces cholesterol, prevents bone loss in old age and also protects against prostate disease.


Red clover improves the quality of the soil.

Red clover, also known as alfalfa clover, is one of the legumes and belongs to the butterfly plant family. Red clover prefers soft soils rich in minerals, but also feeds on sandy soils and peat. However, avoid acid soil or poor drainage.


Red clover has the ability to bind nitrogen from the air, thus enriching the Tevida CANADA soil with these important nutrients for plants. This increases the quality of red clover soil in general and its fertility in particular.


Red clover is very popular as power kernels.

Red clover is a very common plant, rich in proteins for livestock, but also bees and butterflies love it.


The red clover flowers are vaccinated with long, narrow tubes, mainly by bee species, which can reach low nectar due to the length of its trunk.


The stem of the bees is very short, so it can not collect pollen.


But now we come to the benefits of red clover in terms of human health.








Seven benefits of red ginseng.


Ginseng has been a drug for thousands of years. In fact, almost no substance deserves this name more than ginseng. Your long list of benefits. Solar ginseng agents are, for example, against cancer and infections of Trialix all kinds. From recent studies, we also know that ginseng can be used even in the treatment of influenza. But ginseng still has completely different properties! Maybe only the ones I may need now?


Ginseng – a powerful panacea for thousands of years.

Ginseng is a herbaceous plant native to Korea and Russia.


One uses the root of at least four years of ginseng plants Trialix CANADA for many centuries in the traditional teachings of Asian healing, acting primarily as a general tonic in the attenuation of all species (including spiritual nature), but also as a sexual enhancer and as a result of natural coagulation.


In recent years, studies on the superior effects of ginseng roots have been published frequently. The main results are the following:


Ginseng against the flu

Scientists have shown, for example, that the long-term use of red ginseng concrete from influenza A (influenza A) and colds can protect (cough and runny nose).








Is it really impossible to

Is it really impossible to absorb the biological nutrients of bananas?
Not only Jeffrey says so, other experts agree with the relevant information of the portal this view. Who are these experts again, but they will not betray the related article. Instead, they read almost the same as in Daryl Geoffrey’s article, which means that bananas can not specifically absorb potassium and vitamin B6 without other food. Why should it be like this, cover yourself in silence?

High sugar content
The next drawback of a banana breakfast is the high sugar content of the fruit. That’s almost 25 percent. The result is a high level of blood sugar very quickly, which in any case becomes deep again, so it can reach cravings, before lunch. Apart from the resulting blood sugar fluctuations, bananas should not be eaten, as they will not only fill it for lunch.

“They give you a quick boost, but you’re tired and hungry quickly,” said Daryl Geoffrey, according to the quote. Finally, Jeffrey believes that, due to the sugar content, the banana is made in the body, produces alcohol and, therefore, affects the digestive system. But if you combine them with moisli, yogurt and nuts, everything is no longer a problem and you can get a banana breakfast.

The supposed disadvantages of the banana breakfast.
We summarize:

Bananas are acidic and must be combined with fat.
The body can not absorb potassium and vitamin B6 from bananas without other foods.
Bananas are rich in sugar and lead to fluctuations in blood sugar with cravings.
Bananas are not enough to make you hungry before lunch.
Bananas lead to fermentation processes, which is unfortunate for the intestines.
While there is no mistake in eating bananas and cereal for breakfast with cereal or yogurt, the above arguments about the reason for doing so are questionable. There is nothing wrong with obtaining bananas for breakfast, regardless of individual intolerance, of course.

The following are some of the indicators of the preceding claims:

1. Y 5. Plantains with low fruit acidity and digestive protection.
Bananas with 0.6 grams of acid per 100 grams with less acidic Keto blast fruits. Only mango and pear contain a little less acid. All other fruits contain much higher levels of acidity. Yes, bananas are very low in acidity and rich in gastric protective substances that are recommended for people with heartburn because they have a beneficial effect on the health of the stomach and reduce heartburn. Bananas should be mostly mature.

Even acids rich in acid should not be consumed to neutralize acids. Because it is often just adding fat leads to heartburn. Try it better and eat the combination you prefer.

The rules of the composition of traditional foods say that one eats the best fruit on its own and should not eat with other foods, including foods with high starch content. Therefore, people with allergies can experience fermentation processes with the formation of fusel alcohols and intestinal problems. Since bananas are acidic and have little water, they can, with regard to the risk of fermentation, mix more with the mixture, as well as acids and fruits rich in water.

2. Biomaterials can also be well absorbed by the banana monocono
The potassium balance can be strongly affected by a diet rich in salt, which includes alcohol and caffeine. However, we do not know that the mechanism makes it impossible to re-absorb the potassium from bananas without other foods.

The same is true for vitamin B6. Since bananas not only contain vitamin B6, but also a complex of vitamin B almost complete, plus vitamin C, E and K, here there are no problems of absorption if you eat a banana alone without other foods (banana monocast)